Get My Top 3 Tips on How to Live Awake

Your feelings and beliefs create your vision.

Your Self 

  • Needing to feel peace of mind, body and soul?
  • Lacking confidence, strong self-esteem?
  • Desperate to release those pounds for good?
  • Seeking to feel vital & young?
  • Paralyzed by the “impossible” syndrome?
  • Fed up of the internal debate of “fear change”?
  • Tired of being sick, low energy?

Your Relationships 

  • Discouraged with your relationships?
  • Don’t feel valued and understood?
  • Can’t trust her/him/them?
  • Can’t find a compatible and lasting relationship?
  • Difficulty connecting, dating, making friends?
  • Family drama and issues?

Your Purpose/Career

  • Bored of the monotanous job?
  • Unchallenging work?
  • Stressed out or annoyed by collegues/boss?
  • Worried about finances?
  • What am I here to do, teach, learn?
  • What’s my purpose?

Clarity . Choice . Creation

Your mindset needs a new Paradigm.

Your self
from stagnation to results

Your Best Life Yet

Are you ready to experience an “everything is possible” mindset?

your relationships
from confusion to clarity

Create Connections

Raise your levels of trust, develop genuine and fulfilling relationships?

your Career
from failure to success

Achieve Success

Shift the impossible, tap into abundance and leave your mark.

Effective application of the power of choice
Tailored program to your individual needs and goals
Promote and engage in self-discipline

About Lise

Founder of LDS Paradigm Coaching Certified Life Coach
Theta Healing Practioner

My mission is to co-create a new paradigm for those seeking to align with their highest potential. I assist clients in catapulting their intentions into quicker results.

Challenges and opportunities


The Process

I’m not one for beating around the bush.
  The process I use with clients is direct, effective and succinct.
My certifications, my training and my life experiences allow me
to dive in quickly and get to the source of the issue.
So, you are asking, what is the ROI of doing this work? 

Wake up and shift

  • What exactly is fear? Let’s take COVID-19, for example.  What is it exactly that we

  • What exactly does that mean? Let’s review a scenario here.  Have you ever gotten int

  • With over 34 years in the banking industry I’ve used all my personal and professional deve



Wake Up & Shift

You’ve outgrown your life, it’s time to upgrade!

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