What exactly is fear?

Let’s take COVID-19, for example.  What is it exactly that we fear?  If we sit a minute with fear and examen it, we realize it is a normal reaction to an unknown situation/event/person, etc…

Fear IS a good thing, but only if it is understood and processed correctly.  Fear is a symptom, a signal, to awaken you to something outside of your “normal” self and life.   So, after receiving the signal, the power of fear lies in your awareness, decision and action from it and not in the fear itself.

A good place to start in addressing fear when it comes up is to be still and ask yourself what are you REALLY afraid of?  If there is no real immediate danger, this is the first step.

So what are you truly fearing?  The important thing is to NOT let your mind run stories and justifications of why this is so.  Take a few deep breaths and then ask yourself that question.  After pinpointing what you are truly fearing, ask yourself the following questions as well:  How is the situation affecting you in this very moment?  Is there any real proof that it will certainly affect you?  Where and when did you learn to fear in this way?  Once you have reflected on these possibilities, then you can do something productive about the fear instead of letting it “control” you.

Fear is powerful to the subconscious, but powerless to the conscious.