Live Awake

Live Awake

What exactly does that mean?

Let’s review a scenario here.  Have you ever gotten into your car, driven to a destination and not even realized that you arrived?  You were either so deep in your thoughts, hijacked by your emotions or in an intense conversation with someone in the car or on the phone (hands free I hope!) and everything else was a blur? You auto-piloted everything else. You drove the car without thinking, obeyed all the signs without attention, stayed safe without fear, didn’t injure anyone, and this without worry.  Your body kept you alive and in motion without your awareness.

Most of our days are spent like this or similar to it.  We exist through it without being awake. We stumble around life by routine, reaction or force.  Very little is done by awareness – choice.  There are even times when we are presented with a choice and we turn around and ask someone else what they want because we don’t even want to make a choice. We want it easy, thoughtless and effortless.  Think about it… in a 24 hour cycle, how often are you living awake? What is the quality of your awareness?

Live Awake simply put, is a profound (rich) quality of presence or awareness. Being aware of your “self” and your life journey, on purpose.   Your five senses all engaged, but through your awareness of yourself.  It’s a gentle stillness in all the “busyness” of life around you that you are missing out on or unaware of.

Your life can have your attention but you may not be living awake.  What I mean by this is, let’s say you are having a conversation with an individual (attention) but you have not heard a single word they have said (lack of awareness).  Was it really a conversation?  Were you really awake?  Did you hear their message?  Most likely not.  You were physically present but with no quality of awareness.  It’s as if it never really occurred. We are living in the “just do it” motion.  Same thing with emotions that come up “out of the blue” without anything provoking them and we call it a “bad mood” or “getting up on the wrong side of the bed”.  We never stop and wonder why is it this way and is there any other way?   In fact, there is a reason why we do all of these unconscious things and auto-pilot them and not choose to live awake.  It’s called survival.  Yes, that’s right – survival mode.  I know you are saying, “No I don’t! I make all my decision consciously.”  If this were true, we would be living our dream life, consistently.

Our brain’s sole job is to make things simple and safe, that’s it.  Remember the driving your car scenario?  Yes, survival is its job!  There are numerous things we do during the day, everyday, that are simply executed in survival mode. No awareness or barely any.  As a species we are NOT meant to live by survival mode alone. We are here to choose and create.  Survival does not provide or support neither.  In order to choose and create, you must be AWAKE.

Honestly, what is the purpose of living a life by survival only?  Why aren’t you living awake?  Is it out of habit, lack of awareness, benefit or fear? Has anyone ever taught you to live awake?

Living awake has a power like no other.  It provides a deep awareness of yourself and your awakened choices.   You will experience parts of you you did not know existed, the power of your choice and a good look at and understanding of why you do what you do.  This pause is required to awaken the awareness that is you.  Once awake, clarity will follow without force.  Choosing to be and live awake is the paradigm shift that is required and that happens in a second.  Once chosen, creation is inevitable; it’s a domino effect.

The only way to Live Awake is by choosing to. What will you choose?   Auto-pilot or Awake?

                                                  Live your life AWAKE!