Why Hire a Life Coach?

Why Hire a Life Coach?

Fair Question! Really….why hire a life coach? What is a life coach anyway?


Many people ask themselves this very question. But, before I go into the good reasons to hire a life coach, let me ask you a few reflective questions.


Who do you get advice from? Family, friends, colleagues, acquaintances.   Do you truly trust their advice? Have they demonstrated success in the very area you are asking advice for? Do they know EXACTLY what your desired outcome is? Actually, do YOU really know what your desired outcome is? You may have heard the saying of the blind leading the blind? This is not a good way to be successful and a waste of energy, time and a huge amount of frustration that comes with it.


Would you call an electrician to fix your pipes? A lawyer to prepare a CV? A garbage truck to move you to a new house? Of course you wouldn’t! It doesn’t make any sense. So why are you get coached from a “non” coach person?


A life coach is certified with the knowledge, training and understanding of what people require to move forward from where they are presently in their life journey. Be it stuck, stagnant, confused, needing a major overhaul or a life upgrade to the next new level of their potential.


So, with that said, here is the FIRST reason to hire a life coach. We have the proper training to aid you in getting really clear on your dreams and goals. What do you REALLY want with certainty? People always say with conviction, “I don’t want this, I hate this, I can’t stand when”….but people are very unclear when it comes to KNOWING exactly what they do want. Some do know what they want but don’t know why they are not going after it, which is also a “lack” of clarity, but from what is blocking them.


The SECOND reason is clearing the path or block that keeps them from deciding and making the choice to move into action.   This sounds like, “l’ll do it tomorrow, I’ll start next week, I tired everything and  it doesn’t work,” and so forth. What’s stopping you, really? Are you asking the right questions? A life coach can provide clarity and tactfully address possible blocks that keep you stuck in the same cycle.


The THIRD reason, but not the last by any stretch (there are a ton more reasons), is an action plan and how to sustain it without reverting back to old habits. A life coach aligns your focus while you align your life plan for complete success.   A coach promotes self discipline, accountability, and momentum to keep you aligned. A coach supports you to ensure you are investing your energy in the right beliefs, choices and actions to avoid misspent energy and wasting time. This allows for results, enjoying your life, your family, friends and you become an inspiration for them to better themselves and their lives too! It’s contagious!